Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back!!

Sorry all for the lack of posts. Work has been really busy and after a long day the idea of thinking onto a blog sounds about as appealing as another hour of work. lol

Either way I'd like to update you all on my progress! Last Monday I stepped on a scale for the first time since I had my body fat analyzed. It seems that I've lost at least 9lbs. I say "at least" because I am pretty much sure that I have gained muscle. It feels really good to have seen results. I was scared for a while to try on some old jeans and when I finally put them on this Sunday they fit PERFECT! They were even straight out of the dryer tight!

If you're into fitness and nutrition you'll know that everyone has their own opinion on everything. Whether its weight loss or building muscle, every person has 1 idea that they believe to be the absolute truth. When I discuss my ideas and strategies with others I end up with so much HATING. They treat me like I dont know what I'm talking about, like I'm some poor little girl that is completely in the dark.

Fuck the haters, what I'm doing works and not only does it keep me healthy and strong, it keeps me skinny too. :P

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have been CHALLENGED!

"Legal C", as I shall call her, has decided to CHALLENGE me to keep a happy meal in my closet for a year because this is the internet and people just make stuff up or something. I guess I can make room for this as long as I can keep it in a tupperware and dont have to smell it for the first week.

Legal C is a lawyer so she has to challenge these things by nature. Legal C also gladly feeds her kids McGarbage. Here is an official position from Legal C on the benefits of McDonalds in a child's diet:

"Aside from that, children need a high fat diet to properly grow and that includes 25% of their fat intake being saturated. ... See MoreThe bulk of the grease in a McDonald's meal comes from the fries which are being made in vegetable oils which do not contain cholesterol since it only comes from animal fats."

In case anyone is as skeptical as she is here is another article on the fine art of aging McGarbage....

12-Year Old McDonald's Hamburger, Still Looking GoodPosted by Robyn Lee, September 25, 2008 at 4:30 PM
Photograph taken by Karen Hanrahan

The McDonald's hamburger on the right is from 2008; the one on the left is from 1996. And they both look fairly edible.

Wellness educator and nutrition consultant Karen Hanrahan has kept a McDonald's hamburger since 1996 to illustrate its nonexistent ability to decay. Aside from drying out and bit and having "the oddest smell," it apparently hasn't changed much in the past 12 years.

This isn't the first time someone kept an uneaten McDonald's hamburger for an extended period of time for the sake of science. Or in the case of the Bionic Burger Museum, multiple burgers for over 19 years. There are even instructions on how to start your own collection of old, self-preserving burgers.

Anyone else have experience with Fast Food That Just Won't Rot?


Wow is this GROSS!

Copied from an article on one of my favorite blogs Consumerist.

This 1-Year-Old Happy Meal Has Aged Surprisingly Well
By Laura Northrup on March 17, 2010 2:30 PM

Have you ever wondered what a McDonald's Happy Meal looks like after it's sat on a shelf (not in a freezer) for a year? This seems like one of those things I would learn accidentally, but writer Nonna Joann Bruso decided to find out on purpose.

The results? Not as disgusting as you might think, which itself is sort of disgusting.

She wrote:

“It smelled delicious for a few days. I’d get a whiff of those yummy French fries every time I walked into my office. After a week or so, you could hardly smell it. My husband worried that when the food began to decompose, there would be a terrible odor in our home. He also worried the food would attract ants and mice. He questioned my sanity.
NOPE, no worries at all. My Happy Meal is one year old today and it looks pretty good. It NEVER smelled bad. The food did NOT decompose. It did NOT get moldy, at all.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So we're over the first 2 months... I've been going strong WODing 4-5x a week and although there is a definite improvement and I'm still far from my goals and my motivation is starting to wane. It really sucks. I feel it happening, I see it and want to defy and conquer but I need some inspiration. I've asked a couple of people about it, some with ideas and some without a clue. If you've got any ideas let me know. I need a big ray of sunshine to brighten my mood and motivate me to complete what I started.

That being said, this past weekend was total fail. I didnt make it to WOD on Friday or Saturday. I skipped Friday due to an emergency and Saturday's so I wouldnt be tired for this big wedding I had (on days that I WOD I'm total lights out at midnight). I drank. It was a lot compared to how I've been drinking in 2010 which is pretty minimum but nothing in comparison to what I used to do and I felt like total SHIT on Sunday AND Monday. It was ridiculous. I felt like death. I was glad to wake up this morning and feel better after I had drank what felt like 50 gallons of water. I've been reading a lot about health and nutrition and one idea that I've come across many times is that when you eat clean for a prolonged period of time you'll feel like crap after you eat the bad stuff. I never want to do that to myself again! I probably will but the intention is not to. lol

I also gave up coffee and energy drinks again. HEADACHE CITY! Trying to relieve it with green tea and motrin but damn is it annoying.

Dont forget to send me your inspiration and motivation!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you one of my 8 readers?

I have a stat counter on my blog and on average I get 8 hits a day. Its nothing big but its definitely a start. I never started this blog with the idea that it would reach millions of people a day but the idea of it reaching an audience beyond my close friends is kind of exciting. I'd like to hear what you would like to see on my blog. Here are some ideas I have... tell me if you think they're good, if you think they totally suck or just tell me what you want in general.

Ideas for future posts:
- Healthy recipes
- Recent news on fitness and nutrition
- Real tracking of my progress - pics, weight, body fat etc.
- Blogs/People that inspire me
- Motivational stuff

Put your name or be anonymous... honestly it doesnt really matter as long as you tell me. :)

p.s. I love my top 8!

WOD 3/9/10

Have I mentioned before how much I hate to run? I can say that I'm pretty sure my stamina has improved now that I don't smoke but running is still not my strong suit. Either way I partitioned the squats into fifths and the pushups and pullups into quarters and I think this really helped me complete the WOD within the 45 minute time limit.

Run 1 mile
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
Run 1 mile

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.<- HA!

WOD 3/8/10

Happy Monday to me... I mentioned on my facebook page that this WOD looked pretty easy so that probably meant it was going to be SUPER hard and I was definitely right. I had my usual peanut butter and apple slices snack around 4:30 and since I was almost done with the bag of apple slices I had a little more then usual and I felt like barf. I made it though, gracefully.

"Grace Ann"
Five rds of
6 Clean & Jerks
50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10