Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So we're over the first 2 months... I've been going strong WODing 4-5x a week and although there is a definite improvement and I'm still far from my goals and my motivation is starting to wane. It really sucks. I feel it happening, I see it and want to defy and conquer but I need some inspiration. I've asked a couple of people about it, some with ideas and some without a clue. If you've got any ideas let me know. I need a big ray of sunshine to brighten my mood and motivate me to complete what I started.

That being said, this past weekend was total fail. I didnt make it to WOD on Friday or Saturday. I skipped Friday due to an emergency and Saturday's so I wouldnt be tired for this big wedding I had (on days that I WOD I'm total lights out at midnight). I drank. It was a lot compared to how I've been drinking in 2010 which is pretty minimum but nothing in comparison to what I used to do and I felt like total SHIT on Sunday AND Monday. It was ridiculous. I felt like death. I was glad to wake up this morning and feel better after I had drank what felt like 50 gallons of water. I've been reading a lot about health and nutrition and one idea that I've come across many times is that when you eat clean for a prolonged period of time you'll feel like crap after you eat the bad stuff. I never want to do that to myself again! I probably will but the intention is not to. lol

I also gave up coffee and energy drinks again. HEADACHE CITY! Trying to relieve it with green tea and motrin but damn is it annoying.

Dont forget to send me your inspiration and motivation!

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