Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its been a longggg time!!!!

I havent posted this week and I feel really bad about it. I have a couple of reasons for writing this blog but one of the main reasons is to keep me dedicated and keep me on track. I can happily report that I've stayed dedicated to xfit and although my rest days have been moved around this week I've definitely been committed to going.

My box changed my regularly scheduled time from 7pm to 7:30pm. Although its really close to home I don't like getting home and eating so late so I made the executive decision to switch to 6:30am WODs which are also awesome because the metered parking is free at that time! So far I find it easy to wake up in the morning and its definitely much easier to get ready for work after that. But this is just week 1 so I'm hoping I keep the morning motivation up. :)

I've been dragging with preparing my diet though so I'm going to do it today! Thats it! No excuses! I resolved to have it ready by the end of the month and I WILL!

This week I WODed Tues/Wed/Thur and I plan on going Friday and Saturday too! I'm starting my 3rd month now and I can honestly say that this has probably been the most consistent I've ever been with a workout routine and I'm very happy about it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WOD 2/17/10

Don't know why but today I am sooooo tired. Feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Either way gots to keep goin. Can't wait to WOD it out tonight and get to sleep early.

Working on planning my meals and getting my schedule down. I've been exploring different options but I'm not positively sure which direction I'm heading in. Option 1 is hiring a dietician, option 2 is portioning my meals by the zone while keeping everything low GI. So far I dont have an option 3 but if anyone has any suggestions I'd be really happy to hear you out.

"Dre Double Dizzle"

In teams of 2, 1 partner will work while other rests:
5 min

P1- Thrusters M75 W45 for 30sec
P2- K2E for 30sec

Partners will then switch exercises and continue

5 min

P1- K2E for 30sec
P2- Thrusters for 30sec

For the last 10 minutes one partner will work at a time and perform movement until failure, then switch movements with their partner.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WOD 2/16/10

I'll be completing today's WOD with the satisfaction and determination I would have to drink a hand grenade on Bourbon St. right now.

Last night's WOD had tons and tons of running... blaaaaa. I got a weird burn sensation on the top of my right thigh around my hip while doing the squat power cleans but thanks to my great coaches we figured out a way to work without activating that pain while being able to complete the WOD. I cant mention enough how much I love having them there to help and motivate me. For some reason I expected them to dismiss my discomfort as unimportant but instead they were sincerely concerned and determined to correct the problem. I'll never expect less then the best from my coaches again!


10 Rounds of
One Ring Australian pull-up
KB swings M55 W35
Double Unders

On a continous running clock, you will be performing each movement for 30 seconds AMRAP then rotate. After four movements you will rest for 30 seconds.

You know what today is????

FAT TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

This year I'm going to take it easy so that next year I'll be in fighting shape, ready to take New Orleans by storm!!! If you've never been to the NO you definitely need to make it out there. FUN FUN FUN!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Maybe this will work....

Well kids... I'd like to do this Crossfit Running class. The damage is $295. I know this is shameless but... Donations can be made via paypal.

Update: Cant go. :(

WOD 2/15/10

Happy Presidents Day!!! If you have the day off I hope you enjoy it. :)


10- 9- 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Cleans M155 W115
200M Run

Valentine's Day

I jumped out of a plane. :)

Pics will be posted as soon as I get them.

WOD 2/13/10

Friday night's massage was devine! Annette did a great job of working in everything I asked for and I loved it. I'll definitely be back to see her soon and hopefully my insurance will cover some of it. :)

So on Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to learn the ulgy truth! Yes it was not pretty and I was thinking of owning up to it here but I'm not sure yet. Either way, I'll be working with a dietician to fulfill my February goal of getting my diet in check. According to him I can get down to my goal of 18% body fat in 2-2.5 months which would be AMAZING.

So here is my own transcript of Saturday's WOD since it was not posted on the Crossfit Gables blog.

00:00-4:00 400m run & AMRAP Butterfly Situps 36
05:00-9:00 400m run & AMRAP Thrusters 45lbs 13
10:00-14:00 400m run & AMRAP Push Press 45lbs 10
15:00-19:00 400m run & AMRAP Wall Balls 10lbs 22
20:00-24:00 400m run & AMRAP KB Swings 40

I'm pretty sure thats the way it went...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rest Day!!!!

Rest day!!! Ok Ok I know what you're thinking... "you missed last Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Monday" but I got a really special deal on a holistic massage with Annette Figueredo. If you read her service menu she offers some pretty amazing services. Although I wanted everything on the menu I settled on a massage to help my muscles especially after last night's WOD which has seriously kicked my ass and inner thighs. I also asked her to throw in some scalp massage action because honestly there are fewer things I love more then a good scalp massage. I'm super excited and will definitely tell you more about it later.

Before my WOD tomorrow I'll be heading over to a local gym to jump into a bod pod and get what I call the ugly truth. In case you're wondering what the bod pod does here is a brief overview:
The BOD POD Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System uses patented Air Displacement Plethysmography for determining percent fat and fat-free mass in adults and children. The simple, 5-minute test consists of measuring the subject's mass (weight) using a very accurate electronic scale, and volume, which is determined by sitting inside the BOD POD chamber. From these two measurements, the subject's body composition is calculated.

Click here for more information on the bod pod. Hasta maƱana!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander "Lee" McQueen

Today we lost a true artist and visionary. Someone who dared to bring to fruition the wildest ideas he had. His creations were so bold and original, so fearless and fierce. We lost someone great today and although its not confirmed, it is beleived to be suicide.

Suicide is one of the most heart-breaking things I've ever experienced. Each time I wish that there was something I could have done for that person, each time I wish I could be there to console them and help them see that nothing is so bad that they have to deprive themselves from the world permanently. I've dealt with suicide more then one person should (just once is more then necessary) and for that I've decided to post this. I dont know how many people this will reach but as someone that publishes all the unimportant stuff... this is something I felt I had to put out there.

If you're feeling suicidal TELL SOMEONE you'd be surprised by the compassion of others. Click here for a google sized list of resources to help you or someone else.

P.S. If you're reading this I already love you and you officially cant say that no one does!

WOD 2/11/10

Last night I finished - NO PENALTIES! HELLS YES! Tonight's WOD is a little long on paper but looks like fun, right? lol

40 Wall Balls M20 W15
25 KB Swings M55 W35
10 SDHP M95 W65
30 WB
20 KB Swings
20 WB
15 KB Swings
10 WB
10 KB Swings

Update:This WOD was hell!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WOD 2/10/10

What the hell does it mean!?!??! Someone told me they hope I'm in the mood for burpees. I'm scared.


"Motivational Consequences"

Post penalties.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of posts. I was in DC for the snowstorm of the century!!! Seriously, it beat the storm in the 1920s so it was definitely the most epic storm ever I'm so happy I was there for it. I saw DC in a way that hardly anyone gets to see it. Covered in snow and beautiful!! How many people get to walk on the reflection pond in front of the Lincoln Memorial? Either way I promise to get back on track this week with all of my posts.

Got back to WODing last night AND it was my very first night at Crossfit Gables. Check out their site for the pics of the new box. It's super nice and new and I'm glad to be one of the original members! Makes me feel all kinda cool and special. :D I even got the new T. So here was last night's WOD with my time. Last night was my first night at prescription weight although I'll admit I scaled some things down a bit.


Complete 100ft OH walking lunge M15 W10

before every set, then

21 - 18 - 15 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3

Inverted push ups
Wipers with plates M45 W25
21:38 Rx

Monday, February 1, 2010

WOD 2/1/10

Happy February All!!!!!

I'm so happy to say that January has come and gone and I've stuck to all my resolutions!

- I did not relapse on my old vice!
- I went to Crossfit at least 4x a week and went a total of 22 times in January!!!
- Diet has been consistently good with minor indulgences!

I'm so happy that I've gotten this far and cant wait to report the same or more at the beginning of March. This month I'd really like to step up my diet game more so that the results of all my hard work really show through. As you can see on most of my posts, I am dedicating a lot of time to educating myself on good eating and creating a lasting lifestyle change. By the end of the month I hope to have a solid meal plan and lots of recipes to share. I also plan on buying a digital camera so I can take pictures of the meals I make and share them with the world. I'd already have it if I wasnt waiting for a specific model to make its debut on the world!

You may be wondering why I've posted a picture of snowy Washington DC... On Friday I will be making my first ever trip to the nation's capital!!!! I will also be touring the White House! I'm very VERY excited and in case you didnt already know, I love to read and this weekend I picked up Dan Brown's new book "The Lost Symbol" which coincidentally is set in DC!

So without further ado... today's WOD!

Five rounds:

30 Kettlebell swing M55 W35
30 Burpees
30 Butterfly sit-ups

For time