Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WOD 3/5/10

This was a nice team WOD because I got to be teamed up with my Dad. Ya, I work out with my Dad... sometimes. He started a couple of weeks ago with his wife and loves it. I love having friends and family in the box, makes it even more of an awesome place to be!

Keeping count of my reps in this WOD was pretty impossible. Tell me to lift heavy weight and do a million KB swings, no sweat. Tell me to count them all, now thats a total different story. It was hard and fun though and in the end we did 14 burpees which was not even close to the most a team had to do.


"Third Wheel"

Teams of 3 will perform amrap in four minutes of

Deadlift M135 W95
KB Swings M35 W20
Wall Balls M20 W15

for two rounds.

You will keep count of your individual score, then total score with team to give you a "team score".
You will post team score to comments.


Two partners will be working while one is resting. Rotate however many times needed. At no time may both pieces of equipment be resting.

DL station - Penalty for two resting bars = one burpee
KBS station - Penalty for two non-swinging kbs = two burpees
WB station - Penalty for two non-floating balls = three burpees

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