Thursday, March 4, 2010

WOD 3/1/10

Monday Monday Monday!!! Well lets say its not easy to wake up early on a Monday even after sleeping practically all day Sunday. Either way, this WOD was a great way to start the week with my awesome partner Vero. I must say I feel my running improving a little bit. I don't feel so far behind which is good. Running is not my strong suit. Some people are all excited when we have to run but I dread it. Either way we finished this WOD in awesome time which I didnt record. I really need to make an effort to record them more often.

ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!! This is big news! I was told my swings are getting "VIOLENT" and that I'll have my kipping pullup soon! Hells yes!!! Almost at that goal! :D


"Hurry Up!"

Teams of two. Partner #1 will run 300 meters while partner #2 is performing AMRAP of movement. Once partner # 1 is complete they will tag out teammate and switch duties. Once both teammates have performed that movement partner # 1 will now run 300 meters again while partner #2 performs amrap of different movement. Once partner #1 is complete with run they will tag out with teammate and switch duties. This will continue until both teammate have perform all movements and completed runs.

Bench Press M135 W95
Wall Balls M20 W15
DB Push Press M35 W20
Box Jumps
Pull ups

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