Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back!!

Sorry all for the lack of posts. Work has been really busy and after a long day the idea of thinking onto a blog sounds about as appealing as another hour of work. lol

Either way I'd like to update you all on my progress! Last Monday I stepped on a scale for the first time since I had my body fat analyzed. It seems that I've lost at least 9lbs. I say "at least" because I am pretty much sure that I have gained muscle. It feels really good to have seen results. I was scared for a while to try on some old jeans and when I finally put them on this Sunday they fit PERFECT! They were even straight out of the dryer tight!

If you're into fitness and nutrition you'll know that everyone has their own opinion on everything. Whether its weight loss or building muscle, every person has 1 idea that they believe to be the absolute truth. When I discuss my ideas and strategies with others I end up with so much HATING. They treat me like I dont know what I'm talking about, like I'm some poor little girl that is completely in the dark.

Fuck the haters, what I'm doing works and not only does it keep me healthy and strong, it keeps me skinny too. :P

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  1. Good stuff Tashy!..The 12 year old hamburger article by Robyn Lee I read about 2 years ago and I FWd'd it to all my friends who eat this crap. You're our secret weapon, looking all short and cute and then busting out with some knowledge on nutritional supplements and others with no hesitation.... You go girl!! And yes, screw the haters!! There's only so much we can do...