Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander "Lee" McQueen

Today we lost a true artist and visionary. Someone who dared to bring to fruition the wildest ideas he had. His creations were so bold and original, so fearless and fierce. We lost someone great today and although its not confirmed, it is beleived to be suicide.

Suicide is one of the most heart-breaking things I've ever experienced. Each time I wish that there was something I could have done for that person, each time I wish I could be there to console them and help them see that nothing is so bad that they have to deprive themselves from the world permanently. I've dealt with suicide more then one person should (just once is more then necessary) and for that I've decided to post this. I dont know how many people this will reach but as someone that publishes all the unimportant stuff... this is something I felt I had to put out there.

If you're feeling suicidal TELL SOMEONE you'd be surprised by the compassion of others. Click here for a google sized list of resources to help you or someone else.

P.S. If you're reading this I already love you and you officially cant say that no one does!

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