Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WOD 2/17/10

Don't know why but today I am sooooo tired. Feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Either way gots to keep goin. Can't wait to WOD it out tonight and get to sleep early.

Working on planning my meals and getting my schedule down. I've been exploring different options but I'm not positively sure which direction I'm heading in. Option 1 is hiring a dietician, option 2 is portioning my meals by the zone while keeping everything low GI. So far I dont have an option 3 but if anyone has any suggestions I'd be really happy to hear you out.

"Dre Double Dizzle"

In teams of 2, 1 partner will work while other rests:
5 min

P1- Thrusters M75 W45 for 30sec
P2- K2E for 30sec

Partners will then switch exercises and continue

5 min

P1- K2E for 30sec
P2- Thrusters for 30sec

For the last 10 minutes one partner will work at a time and perform movement until failure, then switch movements with their partner.

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