Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its been a longggg time!!!!

I havent posted this week and I feel really bad about it. I have a couple of reasons for writing this blog but one of the main reasons is to keep me dedicated and keep me on track. I can happily report that I've stayed dedicated to xfit and although my rest days have been moved around this week I've definitely been committed to going.

My box changed my regularly scheduled time from 7pm to 7:30pm. Although its really close to home I don't like getting home and eating so late so I made the executive decision to switch to 6:30am WODs which are also awesome because the metered parking is free at that time! So far I find it easy to wake up in the morning and its definitely much easier to get ready for work after that. But this is just week 1 so I'm hoping I keep the morning motivation up. :)

I've been dragging with preparing my diet though so I'm going to do it today! Thats it! No excuses! I resolved to have it ready by the end of the month and I WILL!

This week I WODed Tues/Wed/Thur and I plan on going Friday and Saturday too! I'm starting my 3rd month now and I can honestly say that this has probably been the most consistent I've ever been with a workout routine and I'm very happy about it!

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