Monday, January 25, 2010

WOD 1/25/10

Happy Monday to the 3 people that read this lol. Maybe theres more... probably not. Either way... Let me tell you about how things are going since the last week of the month is upon us.

I can definitely feel and see a difference in me. My clothes are starting to fit a bit better and I can feel myself being able to push harder in the box. I havent really been stepping on any scales but thats ok. As far as how I feel today, my shoulders are KILLING me! They feel better then they did yesterday though.

Sometime very soon I think I'll be getting into a Bod Pod to measure my body composition. I've talked to a couple of people about this and there are some opposing views on whether or not this is necessary. I guess my measurements are not that important. Although, from the reading I have been doing it is important to know your measurements in order to create a precise diet. When I say diet I mean guidelines and measurements by which I structure my meals, not tricks and tactics for starving myself. If I decide to go through with this I might post the results, if they arent too scary lol.

For the most part everything has been fun and easy so far. I really enjoy my workouts and the time I've been spending educating myself on how to succeed on this mission of mine. However there are some challenges as the habits of my former self creep up on me. I used to be somewhat of a party girl and its nice to know the party misses me but its hard when the party tries to make me feel bad for not participating. I guess in time I'll find a way to balance it all out but for now I'm gonna stay FOCUSED.

So without furhter ado here is today's WOD!

“500 or Bust”
Starting with 500 reps, you must complete AMRAP of the following movements in 20 min. The goal is to have the least reps possible within the allotted time.
Box jumps
SDHP M75 W45
240 reps 35lbs

Since there has been some debate about whether or not I need to know my body composition I'd like to welcome anyones input in the comments.

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